It’s a shame.
My weak and lowly heart
They’re missing.

I’ll keep my eyes open.
otherwise you’ll get snow in there.
Something as final as the death of a child

Same as the others,
With sort of flames on the side.

Then we open our presents at four.
with loving kindness.
The knife.

Like this.
One sentence is enough.
Which one should I stick in you?

Ice Age.
is hard to take

missing someone and don’t know where…
Not for a single day
And this uncertainty is often

They’ve given away all your stuff
Over a thousand children
No one wants you here.

Through life’s rocky way
and black slopes, right?
Alone I cannot wander

I’ve found her.
My God, I look terrible.
and this is my cock.

It was hard at first,
I don’t feel well.
I have loved thee with an everlasting

you’re from the same place.
and we realised
He sleeps there.


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