Otto e Mezzo


I love that little purse.
that makes me tremble,
And he’s slowly bleeding to death.
The loneliness of modern man

all those dead things
I put it on my belly when it aches.
I’m putting everything in.
Sleep tight, little creatures.

I went to see those poor things.
tormenting me since last night.
I wish to announce that…
Lying is like breathing to you.

We’re smothered by images,
Stay under the covers.
outside the church.
They look like glass.

Just bare your shoulders
The first cherries of spring.
It’s still a mystery that you’d think of me
He ponders, considers, reflects.

in each other’s arms, naked.
this way for five months.
Here, my notes.
from these poor flowers.

You want a separation.
Fine, just run, run.
Your guiding spirit.
strangled by a great cry

Oh, I’ve lost my pearls.
My cross and my delight.
So many tears, my son,
a poverty of poetic inspiration.

Then his writing became an orgy
but also with deep bitterness.
Tons! 400 tons.
What I hate and what I don’t.

It’s dangerous leaving me alone.
to purify the battlefields.
You make my heart beat
and killed us both.

Destroying is better than creating
distributes the healing water,
of magnetic fields and telepathy.
Breathe in.

Do you hear this singing bird?
who doesn’t love anybody,
Cruel bees, sucking all the life
to find each other.

she’s beautiful, young and ancient,
and your hair will be long,
A velvet purse.
Claudia, where are you?

The moment she touches you
Close your eyes.
and strew the ground with salt,
Finally you’ve spat it out.

The wood is all wet this year.
It rests entirely on sand.
on chocolate wrappers
and love.

how to love.
And how pretty you look.
Iike a cripple who leaves behind
Even a tap-dancing sailor.

Let’s not talk about this anymore.
of the capricious apparitions
Draw the blinds more.
without ever making anybody suffer.


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