In a Lonely Place


She’s about 50. She’s married.
Gone with the Wind.
complete with fingerprints.
She wants him so terribly…
So much it’s difficult to remember.

To secure pleasant slumbers,
that far from the heart.
He hasn’t left the house in days.
I made the lampshades and curtains.
Forgive the smell of mothballs.

I was born when she kissed me…
dumped from a moving car.
Motion pictures came later.
I was hoping for a miracle,
Gasoline doesn’t cost much.

one stormy day she swims way out
With fortune and men’s eyes
I love the love scene.
I prayed for this.
He fell out of a boat while sailing,

You loved her.
” Help, help, help, help!”
I’ve killed dozens of people,
Between pictures.
Put them in soft beds, lay them on fur

You get to a lonely place in the road,
It’s a very risky scene.
I put it in my jewel box.
for lack of emotion.
I lived a few weeks while she loved me.

An erratic, violent man.
and he makes me feel
after that girl left?
For thy sweet love remembered
Fool. It’s supposed to be curved.

Let me talk. I want to apologize
With my bootless cries
the proverbial heart of gold.
You love her, and she’s deceived you.
since you left the beach.

without my artistic temperament.
Their arithmetic’s not so hot, but just
for the police.
I never see pictures I write.
You forgot my hands. I could scratch


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