La Religieuse


She is touched, in the bad way.
Her art is hiding
She fainted.
Untie her.
say she jumped.

How could l not love you?
l wanted to leave but l couldn’t resist
The days went by without news.
haunted my dreams.

l waited years for something
Her heart seems heavy.
Undress her.
fascinated, lulled to sleep.
lt’s the bird that’s dead.

A confession.
You don’t stand straight enough.
ls your heart untouched?
You’ll stop seeing me?
in the process?

l ask only for my freedom.
to touch you with my icy hand.
What harm in silencing
l fear this gift is lost to me now.

to plan your escape.
and leave you the warm spot.
what’s happened in your little soul.
My voice isn’t precious.
As soon as l grow fond of someone,

She was cold.
the whiteness of your skin.
who was torn from your hands
of sorrow.
and accentuates your cheeks.

l have no fondness
to embrace you alone.
The words came to my lips
She had the same fears,
Avoid telling him

This is a selfish world.
You’re the fruit of that encounter.
and it will kill me.
The mattresses are soft,
But where does this sadness

l threw it away.
l tasted the blandness of the wafer.
l don’t want to.
l was ostracized.
l’ll never get out of here.

The first night, l slept with him
a husband l don’t love.
l’ll let her go
Don’t say such things.
Come close to me.


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