I Killed My Mother


A small voice will say:
Ten years of silence,
It warms up interiors

horrific meadow
without air, without water…
The gloomy pitch

This is me.
Can’t talk like everyone else.
I just want…

The snares of a spurious world
Deep down, I love her,
“Used to.”

all the things I want to tell you,
At Our Lady of Sorrows
blind and luminous.

your concern.
When I was little,
not having a mother at all.

It’s as if everything was erased.
that haunts me
It’s in my notebook.

we loved each other.
I want us to talk.
When will your purgatory be over?

You’re swimming in troubled waters
sink with medicine cabinet.

but with the frail poetry
but incapable not to love.
you unconditionally. Doesn’t she?

articles on cancer…
She’ll be sad, but
The atmosphere will be different.

where I’m far from
It’s a paradox having a mother
People’s feelings aren’t

Now I hardly ever see him.
She didn’t want me.
never forget you.

and it’s black and then
Page 131.
The other side too.


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