The Pornographers


Stay still.
so we don’t have to have sex.
rip her clothes off and hit her.
I won’t regret it.
My night job.
Forty years of being second.

Cut that out.
Everything, including him.
without sex there’s no point.
Secondhand girls all my life.
I really loved you.
Better than masturbation.

I’m still in mourning.
You and I are alike.
I heard you come
The ceiling’s full of wires.
Did you excite her in any way?
Gently, Ma. It hurts.

a woman’s body strikes me as dirty.
Obedient, quiet.
It must be cold in there.
I’ve seen the pictures.
Wrap some tape around them.
Honey, don’t leave me.

A corrupt priest and his geisha.
are my agony and tears.
I saw her in my dreams last night.
Tossing and moaning.
Remember your heart.
But then the real agony starts.

This house rests on neglected tombs.
My old lady cried with pleasure
We all want to leave the human race.
to give it to you last night.
I thought an orgy would cheer me up.

This is impossible.
this kind of pain again.
That’s the way life is.
Honey, don’t die now.
Hand me the needle.
nothing you can pinpoint.

In each hair…
This soul worries about you so much
Nothing will change my mind.
Human nature.
Lots of static.
it’s 500 yen per hour.

Don’t you feel guilty about the way
You still love your dead wife.
she’s kind of sensitive right now.
He’s so persistent.
Thank you for the holy card.
I threw it into the river.

we’ll buy a new camera.
Needle and thread
we were made for each other.
Put that knife down.
That scarf you knit for me…
Wait for me.


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