Tokyo Twilight


they were the best of friends
I couldn’t sleep alone
She said “never mind”, and left
Losing a little

It’s the strangest thing.
I come now and then
The reason is serious.
She said she needed it

Her back looked very familiar,
She never returned
Am I going to die?
The sea’s so blue there

You spoiled a wonderful hand.
soon after you left
Let me sleep quietly
until the ether wears off

You were so happy
But a villain dwelt in
a dangerous crossing
That’s always been

It’s different without a Mother
I was a child then too,
The cold isn’t unbearable
Pearls seem to require a place

love. That’s why she feels lonely
You weren’t around.
Must I be hospitalized?
I want to start all over again

I didn’t expect snow
While climbing a mountain
That woman who just left…
I’ll wear the black

She was here one day
It’s a form of sickness.
Two nights ago she suddenly said
A hand… like a foot. I fold

You’ll find happiness
You were good to her
You’ve been waiting long.
Are you in the pearl business?

She’s not living alone
tell me the reason?
That’s a cruel question
She’s suffered

It’s a sad, sad story
It may pile up.
bringing the boy and the girl together…
How can any love change

I was waiting
Looking for you
I’d like some oysters too
Never speak of this


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