The Double Life of Veronique


Someone disappeared from your life.
It’s as if I were grieving.
with a church in the background.

millions of little stars.
I handle them a lot.

I saw a sheet floating down.
It’s hard to explain.
Sure it’s you.

She’s dead.
and brownish-green eyes.
I’m turning myself in. That’s all.

You held my hand.
It was worth it.

Here’s the first leaf.
He must have stolen it.
slammed a car door on it

So she turns into a butterfly.
…but pulled away
…the other one reached out

And I wanted to make love to him
I must have dreamt it.
Beautiful handwriting.

And then I had you.
Then you hang up.
But something really had changed.

I’m frozen. I won’t stay.
Please forgive me.
I love your chimes.

and all the trees have leaves.
there was a downpour.
They damage easily.

A ballerina…
to the call of an unknown man.
That’s the star we’re waiting for

I love you.
I’m ashamed of it.
I haven’t called you because…


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