La Notte


Now the misery is creeping back,
200 pages a day.
That’s why his affection irritated me
I’ve erased it. It was drivel.

at the hospital. Something unpleasant
It’s my prize from your game
love disappears
One of the best books ever written

after eating flowers
I just feel like dying
There are 3,000 roses here
in perfect misery

A garden’s silence is made of sounds,
I’m green with envy
I’d like a true story about you
not morphine

Once, I lost everything
only memories
because I can’t love you
I lacked the courage to go all the way

No… I don’t love you any more
one word after another
Bye, darling
I heard your gentle breathing

my life’s dedication to you was over
like floating on the waves of the sea
It reaches 3000 metres

I can lend you an evening dress.
like a melancholic dog
united with your warmth,
You can smoke if you like

You talked only about yourself
You should take your dress off
your skin glowed with life
Yet beauty is depressing

The future will be awful,
One of the stones has fallen out
All those purposeless books
I wept with the intensity


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