My Night at Maud’s


Choices don’t have to be agonizing,
You deserted me shamelessly.
through the bedspread.
a snare set by the devil.

In linguistics, for example.
she doesn’t exist at all.
She left me.
and my halfheartedness

I loved him.
his weakness, his tenderness.
I’m just now rereading him.
I don’t feel like listening

I live just south of you.
brooding about the two of us together.
the most beautiful memories of my life.
Even in the whorehouses

I know she and I will make love.
In the Chanturgue hills.
in Valparaìso, or anywhere.
Maybe in another five years.

I love feeling your toes
“The two infinities.”
I know “women” sounds
I’ve been traumatized ever since.

I was in love.
for seven minutes.
Mathematical hope.
Feelings can be deceptive.

This type of snow
It just comes over me.
piously maintained,
it’s because we’ll never meet again.

since her divorce.
Well, let’s not stir up those cold ashes.
you both stink of holy water.
You’re just as secretive as ever.

contradictions are fascinating.
That way your conscience is clear.
mathematics, for example.
allows me to go on living.

Watch out for the wall.
of childhood memories,
It’s the way to diminish the passions,
I’m in favor of abstinence.

it’s hard to find the proper words.
to pour my heart out.
You can sleep in a spare room.
since infinity times zero equals zero.

I saw him
He skidded on the ice.
It’s easy to be faithful to nothing.
a faith that surpasses

Religion has always left me cold.
in the Biblical sense.
It’s not the joy of times past,
I think she’s up to something.

I don’t much care for snow.
But as a sacrament,
There is no one.

a faith that simply reminds us
Your lips are cold
Love isn’t eternal.
It all seems so empty.

Purity of heart
unfolding before them,
That’s what I fear.
in this weather.


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