Tuesday After Christmas


We can’t just change our minds.
Thirty-six times.
at your birthday…
See, I’m all teary-eyed.
Feed her some.

The whole situation changes.
’cause it’s inside.
I know what was killing you
I’m torn to pieces right now.
There’s nowhere else to look.

Where’s the R key
It needs to be stimulated
Eight years ago, then.
You’re imagining things.
woman, you’re no longer here.

he’s going to discover a new galaxy.
She will feel something,
On a slow fire.
you didn’t sleep with her?
OK, kiss-kiss, bye.

if we’d met ten years ago.
a fixed interest rate.
for wasting my life with you.
I wanted to come to Bucharest too.
I didn’t get over it.

You’ve turned me into a weakling.
a skeleton board
White, with some colored dots
I have been tossing and turning.
You’re awfully lame, you know.

These canine teeth are small
Shall I put them up on the shelves?
a pair of removable braces.
have broken our home.
Please understand. It just happened.

When the divorce is final and
She’s awfully fond of you.
I can barely hear you?
Why are you so torn?
As a woman, I’m better off without.


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