Flowers of Shanghai

Flowers of Shanghai 3

You’re over fifty.
black, with cloud pattern.

she has very few callers now.
Her freedom

Losers drink
their own penalties.

Why have an affair
just to waste sixteen more

to lose, play once more.
and be photographed.

about these hairpins.
into each other’s eyes.

unhappy all day.
Tonight we will sleep.

But the camera will capture
Pleasure shouldn’t just turn

Treasure opens her mouth
How can anyone swallow it?

Master Wang has abandoned me
Then she bursts into tears!

in all the years I’ve known you.
I lost.

Cotton items,
take away the bitter taste.

what’s true and what isn’t.
I couldn’t stand the pain.

If you want to abandon me,
under the table.

you can leave if you want to.
Flower girls are recompensed

His heart has been in turmoil.
For a souvenir!

Don’t ask.
You also said…


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