The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant


I just use men, that’s all.
to believe.
awful dreams.

You’ll come crawling to me,
Later on,

Everyone is replaceable.
I just want my little corner
Here I am.

I’m in love.
Anyone can change their mind
A woman has her devices.

He told me lovely things
No need for it aching.
Somebody laid flowers on it.

some kind of solace.
the death of me.
Yes, make me another one.

Algebra fascinated me.
conjuring tricks.
in water, swallow them.

tried to understand.
the distressing things.
in your embrace.

People are hard and brutal.
He mounted me like a bull
The loveliest shoulders.

Pictures about passion
we wanted to make our love

I loved mathematics.
They lead to a loss of freedom.
your bitterness.

You said you wanted a divorce.
I want to caress you, kiss you.
with a knife.

No one can take away the things
Someone once said beautiful
then hanged himself.

pride was pricked.
brought tears to my eyes.
and sleep.

I see you in a new light.
Everything aches
I could remain forever

marriage with codes of behavior.
was bursting with pain.
You thrive on suffering.

He’d been dead 4 months
She cried awfully before
common, isn’t she?



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