Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … and Spring


Have you recovered now?
How can I know?

When I can’t see you,
I go insane

She said that she’d love only me
I can’t walk, it’s too heavy

It helps restore inner peace

you can see a white line
for the rest of your life

these characters with the knife
Tell me something

this is a deadly plant
It will clear your head

The world of men has grown
from these mussels

Now that you have recovered,
Forgive me

My only sin was to love
Until tomorrow morning

I wanted nothing except her
Please let him finish

Wake up
Even though it looks the same,

When she finds peace in her soul,
Watch out for snakes

you will carry the stone in your heart
That happens by itself.

I believe that her soul is suffering
Then it was the right medicine

Master, there is a stone on my back.
It must be prepared with a true heart

You will become

let go of things we like


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