Force Majeure


Were you inside?
I think we’ve had enough.
Then everything goes white.
when things like this happen.
something stuck in your body.

Sure, being left is not appealing.
and you’re afraid to die,
You’ve been in a relationship
You’re not crying for real.
and in a more forgiving light.
Here comes the sun.

died on board.
And he was kind of threatening.
spending your life together,
In an avalanche situation,
I get it that you’re disappointed

Just follow the sounds.
when things like this happen.
they trampled on dead bodies.
for five years
You smell like wine.
and these sounds,

in terrible situations.
But aren’t you afraid of being alone,
And the pressure to be a hero
Are your eyes closed?
It’s the third time he asks.

You ran away from me and the kids.
should put their masks on first
Yes, he confesses.
Let’s try the other side next.
there is no avalanche.
and now you’re stuck in some mode,

it triggers a force in us
on the slopes today.
People start taking pictures.
he hasn’t eaten all day.
When it came at us, you ran away.

There’s a huge difference
because this wall of snow
It’s… It’s a primitive force
And I believe…
She’s not getting off.
Then I screamed for five minutes


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