They want 120 of these.
The finishing touches…
With love and feeling.

She’s a star, and so beautiful.
in the poisoned areas.
Have you ever stripped a girl?
and then in the mouth.

We’ve known each other for so long,
I’m number one! Tony Montana!
Keep your eyes open.
In the hospital, intensive care.

We have to go crying
because you’re part of the war.
Let’s rack up corpses.
all dressed in white,

Allow me to say…
Why are you in the dark?
They’ve made ditches here,
explain it to your kids,

I’m not like you.
We don’t touch women.
Listening to you, we’ll die sooner.
When you change sides.

I fed you for years.
chromium and asbestos,
You know I’m fond of you,

If you kill two kids,
A whole wall came down,
One every three days.
It’s stuff the earth absorbs,

I can’t manage like this
I already saved you once,
There are killings every day.
It’s all hand-hemmed.

Eight hundred items in two months,
… and lots of love.
Since it’s toxic waste,
The photographers are going crazy.

we can’t trust you.
It’s wise to be with me,
I’ll take you inside.
Put your hands on the floor.

I’m too horny.
You’re more dead than alive.
You go your way and I go another.
You heard right.


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