Noi, The Albino


The psychiatrist thinks
that you survived the avalanche.
You leave your hair everywhere.
There’s no music
of deep-sea fishing nets…

This dulls the pain a bit.
involving you,
How often do you masturbate
if you believe in God,
I’ll tell you what he sees.

the end of the story.
Unwanted children
Just to be with you, I guess.
in this frost.
where we no longer know

Never switch hands.
I want you to dig me a grave.
Anything else is too shallow.
This won’t hurt you.
Don’t throw it all away

but if you see a flare
and place it against your lips.
then into your lungs,
you will regret both.
Shipping news.

this awful toothache
next to this grave.
Ten degrees below zero
I continue stirring.

I don’t want garbage
through binoculars.
I can’t take it anymore.
while inhaling.
In your dreams.

Come and give me a hug.
First into your mouth,
getting warmer.
is the essence
for God’s sake,


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