GATE OF HELL_MoC_PR Still 3 (Large)

things are calmer.
Her clothes show it.
It was wonderful.

Are you crying?
Yes. As a precaution.
Finish me. Cut me to pieces.
We have no armor. How

If she loves you, she is yours.
But, in return, you will leave
Light a lantern.
Let’s go in the garden to watch the moon.

I have made you come so that you
may listen to the voice of my heart.
Keep it as a memory.
precaution, the armor…

The freshness of some people
is secretly hidden in our baggage.
Deep inside, you know you are mine.

The life is hard
changed completely since yesterday.
Nevertheless, you won’t find
Your feelings?

I will dedicate my life to suffer
to hang by the gate.
Love has maddened me! Believing
Feelings cannot be changed by force.

The poor woman must feel lonely.
With this the ceremony
I need to see her.
or the violet ones.

I cannot call her on a whim.
And I cannot abandon you.
and the doll Tsukune that you adore.


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