Here you are.
In movies.
On the shelf.

I have two memories
She was very pretty.
This is the power of imagination.

I took a Xanax.
and I waited as my dad died.
All my memories.

My mother spent her life suffering
On time and attentive.
I’m ice cold.

There’s truth in art,
I have 100 times wished
My life isn’t over.

Be good or straight to the forest.
The one in the mountains.
substituting dream for reality.

She had hoped to know true bliss with him,
I can’t breathe.
for every panic attack.

abandon the garden.
Those little hands
He loses everything he owns

I’m going to divorce.
She loved him to the end.
An old black cat.

Lonely rivers flow
She’ll claw you.
forget you

the concept of disaster.
Deep down, I was prepared.
I left gifts under the tree.

He made love with his boots on.
Get inside.
That fucking smell…

You have made this your life.
It remains an anthology
Call an ambulance, but not us.

You act like everything’s the same.
Seen from a philosophical angle,
music to listen to.

Empiricism and rationalism.
absence of the loved one
with a lover.

aggressive and catchy.
whirling flame to you
I can’t stay like this.


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