The storm brought me, remember?
I stop living when you’re at sea.
the unveiled truth, in solitude.
The way we’re drifting,

The wind whistles in. Imagine!
the way it did ten years ago.
I may die, but not by your side.
Kiss me.

I thought you were gone.
A howling wind.
Perils, grief and tribulation.
Think of me as a widower

I wanted to tell you…
Heart flutter. I’ve always had it,
You backed up and broke it.
and disappeared.

I’m not into games.
the Darkness
Passing rope.
and three-legged snakes.

As the poet said,
overlooking the sea.
and the moanings of flames
You had a sparkle in your eyes.

you’ll find lovers.
aboard the Cyclone.
and crash on the rocks.
You have a life I can’t be part of.

She’s weak.
Half dead, half drowned…
Women like me were made to disappear.

He’s like a clock.
Not an SOS, but a sailboat
A raft in the sea
When you’re in love,

is rest, peace and quiet.
I’ve nothing to tell,
Faithful women must exist.

I like the storm. I could feel
their thoughts.
His own and the sea.
Hold me in your arms.

the boat, the sea…
is now meaningless.
A white dress is a white dress.
I’ll have to pack in the dark.

I’ll only admit this:
I need you, Catherine.
Some sink without saying a word.

I think about you when you’re at sea.
and still feel like crying.
Shipwreckers United.
A horror film, with ghosts.

Tell him she’ll go back on the raft.
throw it in the sea.
We’re surrounded by memories,
Love me as before…


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