Her harmonious features,
Red velvet.
which soon turned to tears
It’s nothing, I tell you.
You said you loved me
not to make love.

Her delicate skin rippled gently,
A tender smile.
You look down.
You’re on the verge of tears.
until the sea closed in upon us.
what feelings have made murky.
Contempt is a story of that world.

so long tenderness!
It was terrific!
I said that to make you happy.
I don’t love you anymore.
We’ll close the window.
You fool! I did that 10 years ago
Christ almighty.

Children mustn’t play with firearms.
substitutes for our gaze
They showed me their dazzling nudity.
grew cherry-red, not crimson.
dreams aren’t enough.
Not the same sound all over.
enchanted recklessness.

Why don’t you want to make love anymore?
I need peace and quiet and darkness.
At heart, I was wrong.
the more we cling to a false lucidity,
her snow-white skin
across the water.
I’m sure you lied.

Night then saw all the stars.
my breasts,
I love the scene
even if I were dying.
If you think I’ve stopped loving you,
I have a right to change my mind.
The final line is obscure.


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