The Color of Pomegranates


grief has been sent to us
they have extinguished and expired
On this night of revelations

and you are my golden cage
A prayer before hunting.
Beautiful one, come quickly,

You abandoned us and went away,
The wedding merriment, the sadness,
you’re dressed in black…

We were searching for ourselves
grief… grief… grief…
and hope, but I am weary.

(Poet buries his Love)
boiled the meat…
how can I help it, my love…

Poet’s death
He returns to his childhood
from the devouring heat

I hear calls of homecoming
and tend the Garden.
and I cannot find a shelter…

wax built castles of love…
Your dress is fire…
From the colors and aromas

This film does not attempt
And may God of speech be always
You are fire.

grief, inconsolable grief has been
is all yours, my love…
Who has spread all this sorrow

but we the living wrapped you…
I am wandering, burned and wounded,


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