The Seventh Seal


Ten years ago
I wrote songs to her eyes,
Love is the blackest
and it fills me

I’ve begged and pleaded,
My eyes filled with tears,
in sudden death and moral bellyache.
I am a little bird

women infect us,
mark up your face
Sharp nails and sharp words.
blooming with lust

Maybe I love her.
empty as a jug.
Nothing else.
All this damned

The gust is strong
of those ten wasted years.
false smiles and rehearsed lines,
like crazed ropes.

She had carnal intercourse
and a blue robe with golden flowers.
And the waves crash
and graves open.

The knight is
letting snakes bite us,
these wild strawberries,
in a lake so dark

Recite monologues.
in its perfect imperfection.
something terrible.
was burnt up…

She was so close
The deadest actor
runs on the shore
and washes away

Faith is a heavy burden,
was cast into the sea.
It wasn’t us.
a prisoner of my own dreams.

I love you.
I say that without bitterness
like no one is there.
or ghosts can get me.

I wrote a song about spring.
you’re not going to.
or be moved by your suffering.
this knife into my breast,

He’s dead.
with this nonsense.
crouches on the shore
and smiles at the girls.

Screaming babies
scratch open their own veins,
and call it God.
I can hardly even tell you.

I live now
emptiness in the moonlight.
I need only reach out my hand
die of love.

but my heart is empty.
in a solemn dance,
Why burn her at night
and all the green grass


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