The Passion of Anna


When you spoke of your marriage,
I’m thinking about cancer
acts of violence.
that it’s a waste of feelings
All play, all poetry.

farewell letter in it.
You have tumours everywhere.
of my husband and our love.
vast armies of victims and hangmen.
inseparable for many years.

Please come back sometime.
people become part of each other.
with ghosts and memories.
they were draped in material.
Your legs and arms

I want to be warm and tender and alive.
but there’s no answer.
but l can’t reach you.
(typing continues)
The worst thing was

Looking at a photograph.
she takes refuge
The days drag by.
and half his body
that she doesn’t get

happiness and love…
is dangerous for her.
on an island out at sea.
mental disturbances,
with some gasoline.

I felt a terrible longing
So it all ends in smoke.
and a man with a gash in his throat
I wouldn’t have had happy memories.
and let them sink into me.

so I can satisfy your needs
I’m outside that wall.
seven years before the catastrophe.
reading a book called <i>Light</i>
I hope it’s not an old flame.

Hello, darling. Sorry to call so late.
It was lies. All lies.
We’ve changed all the locks.
this desire for truth,
that corrodes the best in us,

Humiliated at heart,
his means of expression
would be a daily suffering.
I collect all kinds of pictures.
and my false teeth fell out

No, you’re strangling me.
that you’re meaningless.
not to get in touch with me.
(she sobs)
We fail, but I think we should

Sleep in the bedroom.
too strong an injection.
they did to me, as I fainted.
(twig snaps)
That’s when I saw the blood.

At the same time, a wall grows up.
But we never infected each other
in lies and dissimulation.
I’ve catalogued them
and we cried together.

(woman moaning)
something that frees her,
Or the darkness that rustles
The warnings are underneath
which had troubled her at Easter.

she takes refuge
That brief desire to trample
are as heavy as lead.
You want to move but can’t.

I saw the wreck of a car
I know it’s you,
dreams that chase me.
down to the sea.
It is a mausoleum


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