Motherland Hotel


Trust issues, lies, suspicion.
…they both lie side by side there.
So you escaped.
…laying all naked.

I covered her with a comforter.
I lingered around for a while.
Her hair was dispersed in the pillow.
No letters for six months.
Damn these dice.

First three weeks seems unbearable,
Escaped by her own will…
Neither dead nor alive.
announced his death.
…Sometimes you want.

road like a tombstone.
in our childhood…
We couldn’t stop bleeding.
Good bye.

A humanly warmth, tenderness.
I can’t believe it.
Four days since she’s gone.
…there’s only one person on earth
…She stayed here the night she arrived.

you hid the towel.
You won’t come anymore.
There’s a rope to dry clothes.
Girls hang us dry and fled.
Her bag was light.
Hold tight.

My mom was forty four back then;
In the bed, her eyes, her mouth was open…
Feeling dizzy.
Our family’s buried here.
He got hanged in the end.

I’ll look back after six steps;
you couldn’t tie me.
…none of the cocks have been
Fruit flavour.
Do you see the flowers?
I did.


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