Trois Couleurs: Bleu


Love is patient.
was secretive.
died in the accident.
He’s gone now,

a night alone.
It hopes all things.
with the tongue of angels,
to repeat the punch line.

Love is kind.
It’s not fair.
I fell.
Nothing at all.

Is love.
No, they’re not archives.
to make you cry, make you run.

Is it true you wrote
After I changed,
for no reason.

Knowledge shall wither away.
Try weaving it back in.
trying to understand
I haven’t heard anything.

I found you.
but kept staring
Just tell me.
any memories.

Though I speak
I have cavities.
Wait a second. Lighter,
Tongues shall cease,

He can get violent.
Faith, hope, and love.
a pill. She swallows it.
He told me: “It’s a memento.”

He loved me.
with a cross.
but I wanted
millions of men

I know you don’t want to see me.
Something must have happened.
He examines her and gives her
No more than usual.

We also mourn
Lots of corrections.
I broke the window.
It’s beautiful.

I wanted to return the necklace,
and stretch out my hand.
And understand all mysteries
Why are you crying?

For prophecies shall fail,
They’re photos and documents
I can see the whole world.
You can’t destroy things like that.

I love this chorus.
It bears all things.
They told me you were dead.
You never told me.


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