Someone fond of you
In the evening,
she was suffocating.

I’m crying too much to write.
of the world’s absurdity
Your words may go against you
But people say anything.
You don’t like me asking

Today’s the first.
and I’ll be very sad to go.
I always pray for suicides.
visible God,
protects you from afar.

It’s the knees mainly.
They feel weak.
and we won’t be able to carry on.
The notes were clearly forged.
I’m keeping them.

A body is so beautiful!
Don’t panic.
that you’ve done this before.
Perhaps you were mistaken.

instead of going to hospital.
She tried to grab the knife.
Solitary confinement. 40 days.
If you explained,
I’d forgive everybody.

I’m hungry but I can go without.
I’ve decided to start a new life.
A carbon copy.
You have me on your conscience.
Does it turn dark

I’ve told you over and over
You played a mean trick on me.
You’ll wreck your own fist,
Your words may go against you
If I were God,

We fear death because we love life.
I took very little
to confess and repent.
With your new awareness of yourself,
You knew you’d be caught.


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