White Morning


We don’t have a map.
of disliking or disconnecting…
Sex is like God.
It’s pitch-black.

even if you fall in love,
as something terribly beautiful.
penetrating flesh.
The tough part is the ending.

we can see the ocean.
Married couples and marriage…
sad, sad nights
and strawberries.

Morning dreams are prophetic.
The light blinks at fixed intervals
Love makes you aware
as long as it’s far away.

I can’t go alone with you.
someplace high up.
I love the night sea.
because night dreams

Let’s hold hands
on a night like this.
How beautiful.
about six seconds.

I don’t remember, but I wanted
the sequel to my dreams.
I think we’re near the ocean.
There’s a mountain too.

I can’t see anything.
I want this dream to go on…
People catch snakes
They look so real.


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