Fando and Lis


Touch her all over.
that opens all the labyrinths.
a world of things for you.

During your funeral,
You’ll love and be loved,
How beautiful

Please don’t leave me.
Hold me tight.
I will become a cloud

You keep lying to me.
such long letters.
every hundred years.

You’re hurting me.
to hurt me.
The best of all is when you kiss her.

Round and beautiful.
It doesn’t matter if you’re paralyzed.
Look at her beautiful toes.

I’ll put you in.
I felt so special when I received
A bit of blood

I just want to play.
To love, to masturbate. . .

How cruel I am to you.
You’ll see there is no day or night.

Because the final war
is where the wind comes from.
and it will never abandon you.

You’re too heavy.
So close and yet so far

And if the cloud dissolves,
The feather, the feather,
Father. Father.

And if I slit your throat,
I will become rain
Careful. Watch your step.

Yes, it’s very soft.
I don’t know what’s wrong.
Lick it clean!

Here, hold your arm out.
and make the grass grow.

I’ll become a famous painter.
and you will pick up scorpions
The same scene over and over.

And at your funeral,
you’ll find ecstasy,
Whose mouth am I going to kiss?

Come and feel my body getting cold.
with all the flowers and trees.

I’ll never see you again.
I’ll sing in a low voice,
and not seek refuge in my hands.

I want to have many children.
a beautiful drum.
and a dog


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