Love Unto Death


Confessions are a waste of time.
Among the dead…
I’m at a loss for words.
in this world,
of caresses

one word for God’s love:
You dreamt it all.
there are two words for love:
I promise.

We made love.
A paper on garbage dumps
As she kissed me, she said:
I went in.

I went looking for you.
I felt the same pain… there…
Tired, emptied of desire…
There’s a word I can’t bear now:

That music… the stream…
Swell of you to come.
I only like salt water.
I was enveloped by it.
I find it rather moving.

He destroyed everyone he loved.
loves us unconditionally,
other forms of love exist.
They burned them.
with razor blades.

All that light swept me up.
we were smeared with blood,
I don’t want to lose you.
I’m leaving.

They say love begins at first sight.
It was neither a tunnel, nor a well.
Let’s do all the things
To explain the slashes on my wrists,
I’d like to see what’s left of us

that blood coagulated so fast.
I’d like to see all the lakes.
I know a man who blinded himself.
about the sufferings of others.
at your side.

consumed by life,
Must I lose you, too?
He died right after.
All I know is that life
isn’t binding.

We felt ours was
A sign.
My love…
couldn’t last.


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