Children of Nature


my father sat with his accordion
I remember it so clearly.
Song and dance.
gone to seed.

display of lust.
My God.
He always remembers
She keeps running away.

this luggage up the stairs.
extremely mysterious.
a sweetheart on every floor.
dreaming some nonsense.

cliffs and empty gun-nests
Cold water.
in the name of the Lord.
who took my picture down.

I don’t think about things I know.
I hardly believe
Nothing really.
This dance is mine.

dear, it’s bedtime for us.
the occasional ball.
nothing but a single raven.
from the old days.

Sometime I feel that
about you staying in the north.
God I wish I was there now.
to haunt the living.

You are the last person
The gospel of this holy
of the fair sex.

We see ourselves as
Children at her age
I thought I was

Nothing less than missing persons.
will all meet again.
Goodbye dad.
but I thought I recognized you,

afraid of her. She’s just a ghost.
clear to you.
Somehow I don’t believe in
every now and then.

People’s final wishes
the search in the home itself.
It has been a dream of mine
I guess it will be

I sometimes get the feeling
One can only hope
just me and my stuff.
Hardly a holiday.



The Match Factory Girl


The burden of memories
are forever in bloom
and we’ll never ever meet again.

This happiness
crashed down,
in the middle of the forest.

Your cold eyes and chilly smile
Nothing could touch me less
Rat poison.
means the world to me

from that paradise away
All kinds of wonderful flowers
and automatic weapons,

Tell my love that I am
I’m always dreaming
I’m a prisoner of this earth
anything lasting between us,

I just came to say good-bye.
Where warm waves softly caress
That’s something

Tents were burned
that dreamland someday
of your kiss
they set it on fire.

My eyes beheld
all alone when the baby’s born.
only to find disappointment
I must write to you about.

Frost killed my faith
We both hope
My love’s flower died

your mother great pain.
has wrecked two trains,
Hurry away now, my song
of cold and hunger






April Story


I love him…
It was unrequited.
A dream like that sits ill

I was devastated.
I like listening to records.
I dedicated that last six

you use these artificial lures.
But even a girl won’t have any
and the ability to solve them…

No one comes.
You didn’t happen
I want to call it a miracle of love.

There’s bedding for two…
And that is my dream, my prayer!

I live alone, so…
a perspective we take,
It cools off at night.

I spent the summer studying
The time is changing.
I didn’t really understand it.

I guess you’ll miss her, won’t you?
There… down on the floor.
Tomorrow. Sunday.

A shame to commit my dream to him,
This one’s fine.
rang in me like a summons.

The woman from next door.
That one’s broken.
Newlyweds, I guess.

This age of war will end.
but he will make it come true.
I can go no further…

I need your signature here.
It won’t all fit.
On the brown paper cover