The Sea Inside


It’s a sweet death.
Your loss.
The feeling of peace
through blood and bones.

Those who dare swim here
to happiness.
isn’t a life either.
And it rains.

and then I noticed your eyes,
all of that…
two more pills won’t kill me.

She hung up.
against the sea floor.
the textures…

You should know that the process
There are other ways of making love.
It’s mostly poetry.

and we’re going to make love.
a wheelchair?
life for me in this condition…
Now I know sometimes

I wanted to buy you a telescope
into that dead end
your life flashing before your eyes.

beloved sea.
any pictures of you around here…
Just remembering.
and you have no air left,

that thing about suddenly seeing
doesn’t matter.
horizon of water.
Life is actually something else.

If you need extra blankets,
I don’t feel a thing.
will be my ally from now on.
but the Church

What’s up, sailor?
Is it true you don’t feel anything?
I arrive at the sea
that doesn’t require me

My son says you’re pretending,
he jumped
There’s a huge window
and nothing else.

I’ve never seen more beautiful
Then, I feel your hands,
and a little orchard
of 200 milligrams.

Many have raised their voices
cling so passionately
Kiss your mother for me,
Forgive me for not being able

I was distracted.
right when the undertow
Nothing, you know.
that will lead to my death

Well, she’s in a lot of pictures.
and religious organizations,
you end up collapsing again
you die instantly.

to be burnt alive?
three times already.
Just the way I like it.

living in that hell
The sea gave me my life
From the bottom of my heart.
this is good and closed.

and break my neck.
and judgment.
I’m quite certain of my feelings,
a crime in themselves,

I refuse to give in to this inertia,
which are beautiful.
The person who truly loves me
is an impossible journey for me.

No, Marc, no. We had to try.
And in case I fail to tell you
whether I was willing to love
I travel to where I imagine

but we wouldn’t put cyanide
Because he can’t move.
But please, send me a sign.
Thank you. Do you want me


A New Life


and not being able to say this.

To love, until you lose your mind.
That’s no good.

To love

Leave him!
…except in the pain of good-bye

I don’t know what’s happening
Take your clothes off.

That’s not possible.

American Dollar.

I am looking for a special girl.
The whole night?

Happy is the man, who dies of love
In deinem Haus werde ich

You look worried.
All girls are something special…

niemals Unruhe stiften.
But I need her.

…until you lose your mind.
I don’t care.

I’ll show you the girls.

I can’t.


Night Wind


A marriage bed?
It wasn’t electrified?

Will you abandon me
of those six years.
pissed near the barbed wire.

this house.
another person.
But LSD was something else.

They gave you electroshocks
Because for me women
psychiatric ward.

his suffering.
mirror. All those details.
a lead bed.

I drank.
Everything that hurts.
that athlete dying inside.

I’ve never fucked.
Actually “being” was enough.
and thought about suicide…

And he had a speech
It hurts.
to see your breasts.

The streets are full of guys
When making love,
I swear. I swear to you.

Kiss me.
Yes, she is the kind you leave
You are hurting me.

She is bad, but she is strong.
The balance is lost.
Tie your hair. I like you austere.

It’s sad.
the first time.
She killed herself.

You are beautiful.
focused on Fine Arts.
the belly…

Loosen the belt.
It’s a pity, because I
don’t cause hallucinations.

I wanted you and said…
From the horrors
unfinished as finished things.

he valued friendship a lot.
he lived his degradation
ripping the traffic lights.

You feel admired, superior.
Because its the true

you’ll lose blood.
and he said…
Wait. I’ll take a picture.

I haven’t seen a pretty
Since last time.

I drank.
the grave.
It’s the only solution.




Our fathers kept us apart.
Through the mountains.

The weeks go by,
Undo your hair.

The spoon, the spoon.
And the next day, we parted.

they get to this desert island.
I don’t know, we didn’t call it that.

Then he died.
One day, the boat…

I fall on the rubble,
At last, she comes.

Life began.
Mine died two years ago.

So they drift,
For your hair.

I tried to brake.
lt’s nothing, but I do.

I’m in danger.
Don’t stay there.

Spread your legs.
She’s like that.

forcing. I’ll go in later.

Cover your eyes.
At 9.25 p.m.

It carried on.
Leave me alone.

the boat sinks.

It just happens.
Claudia Schiffer.

It’s a bore.
My lovely one,

We hardly spoke.
and my knee is all bloody.

I’m in a nuns’ orphanage.
I must have been about 6,

I’ve not seen you.
I’ll take you home.

I was with her.
It’s good when it’s cold.

Listen, darling,
One day, it’ll all be over.

I have a heart murmur.
In your room.

We were scared.
Maybe we held hands.

We wandered around for hours.

If the nuns see my wound,
It’s true.

I’m scared.
We didn’t know those words.


Wet Woman in the Wind


your slender white fingers
killed yourself somewhere.
That’s a painful memory.
I’ll bury it inside me…

there really was nothing between us.
Didn’t you feel it?
I’ll just touch you.
It can have many meanings.

A dull sound…
It lasted three weeks for lighting.
She merely laughed out loud,

Back in Tokyo, all the furious men
A local stray dog on the loose.
Merbromin didn’t do

I can tell by a guy’s skin.
and upon trying to touch her,
One summer after class,
The spell is about to wear off.

her translucent head fell in a spray of blood,
Honesty box
Kiss me.

but he’s just a middle-aged washout now.
has been recaptured by its keepers,
and that girl swallowed it.
I thought you knew him well.

One day by the A-B-sea,
at the end of your journey.
she vanished into the hole.
No words this time.

But I’ll add something.
If you touch her,
until last night’s earthquake.

I hear she’s been hanging
has used magic to become human,
Never mind your name.
it does not exist in this world.


A Short Film About Killing


People will love you…
I feel it again now
The sentence

…my eyes filled with tears
I was her favourite.

Of course
…all against me

Pulling out grey hairs
my father’s grave
the deterrent

My speech… perhaps if I had
We could go to the mountains
Specially made by the wife

…it is the impact of punishment
It’s warm

It intimidates others
said crime…
The road’s closed further on

She was going to the forest…
The curtain’s stuck
A delivery

Someone dropped them on me
The crease will still show
She just cried

she loved greenery
and strong

Article 50 of the Penal Code
and as a human being
do whatever you wish

First Communion
I never know
I wanted to…

You always write so neatly
Fix it
You’re not losing

Two thousand
All in order
As treacherous as people

There was a meadow there,
A cream cake
Now everything is up to you


La Grande Illusion


We know everything, Mummy and I.
shot down in flames
But that’s not what I want
May the earth lie gently

She, out of sheer kindness
hasn’t cut her hair…
Long may it last.
and reach the woods.

I am as weary as a girl
A little hole, to escape by.
Not for me.
If I’m suffocating…

She gave me flowers
We’ve nothing in common.
She did a lot for charity.
I can count on my fingers.

I dream of dandelion salad.
Strong words.
A silver plate.
Twenty-two nights of love,

Spine fractured in two places.
I’m looking forward to the tulips
And the infant Jesus…
To put out my flame

disguised as a woman.
She says she’s alone at home.
Whatever happens,
above Lake Constance

I’m sad because your pretty eyes
A very handy little gutter.
Real dresses.
And a mouth like a child’s

Mummy knows.
That I loved her
Principles of Algebra,
and the candles.

Don’t disturb our dreams yet.
Wait till dark.
at my home.

that gang of lunatics…
in the Halls.
are ivy and nettles.
and courage.

soldiers play like children.
With arousing eyes
So no need to become sentimental.
The reeds were too wet to sleep in.

English cigarettes
Slow work.
If your ship’s on fire,
A sad oversight.

It’s nothing… a nerve.
Burns everywhere.
Of course.
Pure angel, radiant angel

I am broken-hearted.
and shot.
I missed my chance…
To be killed in a war

a friendly voice..
You must admit it’s stirring.
your many kindnesses.
so badly translated…