Time of the Wolf


I have to weigh every word
my treasure.
It’s concrete.
Nothing else.
The house is cold.
You’re soaked to the skin.
Make sex.
He undresses,
Killed herself.
It’s really difficult to find words
With a pool of blood out there.
Her hands tremble terribly
The real champions
Tell them to fuck off.
darling, we’ll find him.
the razor blade eater.
Now I’ve found pencils and paper,
Stray dogs.
A few bottles.
Every morning,
Have a good cry.
Nothing left for us.
Storm in a teacup.
And our mouths will water

We unload.
Believe me.
even in the sack,
I’m sorry.
to drink their blood.
Let me try.
and say everything’s fine again.
He burns like a torch.
Child sick.
Lie down.
Wait. Come.
That’s when I spilled my embers.
Your oracles are frustrating.
I’ll kill you one day.
Look at the horses.
and they burn for us.
You’ll see.
Please, forgive me.
They’re everywhere.
Listen, ladies and gentlemen.
Let us be ashamed.
He doesn’t understand.
It’s shut fast.


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