L’Argent (ii)


Someone fond of you
I won’t go crawling
I will.
it saddens me

I’m crying too much to write.
Confess and repent.
Incredible amounts.
I see.

When my husband died,
Nothing. Don’t worry.

What can perjury get you
…in the evening
We parted
Without bloodshed, Your Honor.

I’ll take care of you
You deserve
to escape and continue.
Meat for cigarettes.

The body is so beautiful.
spreading counterfeit bills.
You slave away for them.
the burlap sacks.

because we love life.
she was suffocating.
but I couldn’t say the words.
Never mind.

only your fist.
It gave me pleasure.
I’d forgive everyone.
and I just killed a whole family.

I saw it clearly:
We’ve been limping along
We fear death
Ever since

I remember every detail.
and no wife.
in the river?
he began drinking

a man who’s never killed
with no one on their conscience.
a weakness in my knees.
We won’t meet again.

Don’t mind me. I always pray
Say something.
Not a word to your father.

If he was hurt,
I fear your words may turn
Neither inside
Deny everything.

He fell splayed out by the door.
protects you from afar.
the world works
I promise


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