La Prisonnière


The more he stroked me, the more I said:
I am not able to love you.
That’s the whole story.

Don’t lose your hope because of it.
Handwriting. Studies of textures.
liquefaction and dispersion…

A short voice test.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Shame is part of the pleasure.

It’s cold when you are coming off the lights.
With her.
…it hurts…

Come. Unfasten my dress.
I promise. I promise. I promise.
I am not free…

You should thank God.
No details.

Perfect interference.
Open your legs.
It’s simple, but it exists.

Here is the telegram.
They wrote the same word
Slowly. Very slowly.

what the author slips out,
The chains keep on breaking.
Just like you were suspended.

Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.
Let me see your eyes.
It’s perfect for a childish morning.

Drop your skirt.
It looks like a cage.
Burned out.

You’re soaking wet.
a dying bicycle racer…
We’re loving each other. It’s wonderful.


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