A Fantastic Woman


I’m losing everything lately.
Bones and flesh.
empathy, tenderness …

give me light, give me this, give me that.
Some of his ashes.
And love.

People who like to suffer.
Your name is a cutting I kept

but I was overwhelmed.
I’m sorry. About that other thing…
I don’t remember.

Love isn’t something you search for.
To then glue it in my oblivion album
Pure quantum physics.

Saint Francis doesn’t say:
Where emotions are generated.
His body was bruised.

Possible injuries observation
devastated. In shock.
deserve them. Really.

I’ll come back.
For singing.
Just the intimate things.

I went over our conversation.
We were a couple.
You can’t see me from there.

I took some sleeping pills…
For the way in which things happened.


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