Successive Slidings of Pleasure


Crush my flesh in your
sea slowly flowing…
Claw my delicate skin.
Arch your back.
a slow fire.

I tried mouth-to-mouth
and he made a full confession.
…cunnilingus. That’s
the violent wind and…

a certain phrase.
…caught in the iron bars
Likeness, repetitions,
fingertips on it.
…the pale, slow, cold knife
Someone came.

He ate glass and drank
in white foam.
My body’s a sweet, violent
to confess a crime…
rare and dirtier.

Jesus was innocent but…
…buried alive.
loved me. That means nothing.
Her heart stopped.
He won’t last much longer.
Black beauty, weary seagull.

Theme of broken glass.
…a black border edged
The sea breaks on the beach.
A splash of our young
alone or a couple…
If you wish.




All couples go through a crisis.
400 milligrams a day.
All friction movements cease.

During her last fit, she severed her tongue.
sacrificing himself for others.
for their sorcerers.

The brain is all chemistry.
faraway, beautiful land…
I don’t know.

Tied up at his own request.
into electrically-charged particles.

Had me raped.
Tips without shafts.

You always looked like a doll.
Nothing but her.

The bodies are called liquids.
She’s not in.
The pool.

A burst vein, a car crash,
Ceiling-high walls.

Into the swamp.
I thought he’d been drowned.
To be with her.

thought is merely…
jerking from a hangman’s rope.
serpent of energy winds up the spine

And do you understand what suicide is?
Help me.
with an audible hiss.

smear me with her sperm,
was mankind’s first religion.
And Cinderella wanted

To the dream houses we shall never see!
Drugs, hunger, fear, darkness.
A door to keep out the hostile world.




The feeling I had
that he repeats a lot of phrases
into strange kinetic images.
No soundtrack.

But this accumulation
are deformed phrases.
shooting with film
monstrous dimensions.
of his mental torture

A happy opening,
simmering all along,
became increasingly demanding.
what the film was about,
Obsessive jealousy also

images of happiness.
These sound aggressions
Your wound’s opened again.
And the more time passes
in his bed, in your bed.

For a roll in the grass.
Depression and the tragic
in a woman’s hand…
his lasting regret,
blue, turns blood red.

He thinks his wife is cheating
We were his fingers,
So there was tension,
years to poison him.
It’s over.

I remember one thing
nuance, as he’d imagined it before.
went by like a flash.
you don’t need light.
shoot. Shoot until the end.

hears voices that remind him,
and which no one would ever see.
weeks of exteriors,
but actually imagined.

I had become… I remember
The Wages of Fear.
alone called the tune.
and the masterpieces
Never again.

She’s here, here…
jumping out the window.
And the reality changes.
these 50 pages, sadly,
against something

There were two women, I think,
lot of people rushing over.
territorial waters.
trust, until the end,
every tone, light and gesture


Woman of the Lake


in a bed, in the morning light…
We will separate sooner or later.
And because this is my body
has something unbearable

My face…
A train derailed,
The hand of a woman
A woman who does not exist

apart from me.
So early in the morning…
I can regret.
I was in love with the woman

the negatives.
from time to time.
I burned them.
this serious air.

You are as I imagined.
I have my camera with me.
alone both.

You are cruel.
to you.
What do you hope for
You can not know.

Kiss me.
But that does not seem enough for you…
Notice to all travelers.
A perfect wife is like air.

I hear you.
You tremble…
for theft.
We apologize

Above all, be sure not to damage
to wait.
Be alone.
cold in this man.


Don’t Worry, I’m Fine


there’s the sea …
a mild tranquilizer.
It’s a psychiatric ward,

what’s happening to us.
you keep nothing, it’s the rule.
It’s just …

Tomorrow we’ll weigh you.
Speak loud and clear.

This is it.
I enjoyed breaking

Depression’s in the air.
Clouds over the English Channel,
Passing by.

Often the causes
Imitated his handwriting,
so I’m with you.

I know, I need something.
the pageant of the Hunt.
your hair and teeth,

She breaks everything now.
I’m fine. I drink to forget.
So I never see

You’ll grow even thinner,
no one ever knew why.

Here we’re dealing with damages …
develop disorders, miss your period,
lose your memory,

I wanted to say …
She’s in a precarious spiral.
Same things.

I can’t give you anything more.
big garden, flowers,
and his wretched life.

I’ll put her in hospital.
With satellites,
It could be fatal.

The heart’s a muscle:
I can leave it for you.
by the sea …


Uski Roti


So …
It’s her time for growing …
Why did you leave me and go?
I turned my gaze

He brought you bangles as well
sugarcane juice for you
Should have disallowed him.
Go quickly … you have

he’d buy me sweets instead
And keep the door locked
Why is it making you

He touched the girl’s shoulder…
This game is over for me.
At several points I
I told her.

Where were you all this while?
… crush him ….
On the way I heard his voice.
You haven’t seen his anger.

She drowned and died…
It’s winter.
He stays on duty.

It’s evening and you’re
tomorrow itself.
Perhaps he’ll come from there
In this cold …

Your wish
to walk 2 miles.
Take her with you some time …
But the other hundred

if you stayed.
Go to sleep, go.
Yes … I will
Let it go


In a Glass Cage


I continued caressing myself;
The sea is quiet.
We constantly heard the choir
Someone will come…
Sleep with me tonight.

His eyes were two endless tunnels.
signs of contagion.
whose feelings cannot be read.
Fear made it even more so.
Further away, the bonfires smoked.

I had never felt anything special
Rage invaded me.
around the neck.
I hide.

I could hear the soloist’s voice
Like the devil himself.
close to the trees.
You push on his ribs.

Yes, for the doves.
Sweet Lord.
It gets dark.
Then I often isolated myself

I felt uncomfortable, yet,
then my uniform.
Time to go to bed
Tell him to undress.
His frightened eyes were inside




In order to provoke a seizure,
Hold your breath. And breathe out.
Santa says that’s how it is.
And I feel angry with Dad as well.
The world’s tiniest man.

You haven’t eaten.
for a long time.
lose touch with who you are.
Open wide.
The worst thing you can say

Lift your tongue.
You’re hammered.
with what’s less holy.
The grave is empty, Jesus lives now
the less I feel I need him

Well, because God or Allah…
be both a particle and a wave,
My heart lusts for evil.
when you don’t answer.
And I’m very sorry I did.

You were probably just lonely.
some fairly unpleasant places.
to give a child.
I can’t stop thinking about it. I know it.
A girl is missing.

Lord, save me from these thoughts.
at the nursing home.
Well, she was devastated
by the Holy Ghost.
a symptom of something else.

She died a long time ago.
If this is painful, try not to block it out.
That’s why it gives you cancer.
Many different things.
until late in the evening?

Purify my heart and redeem me
He pulled it away just before I got burned.
I hardly remember anything.
I have sinned in mind and deed.
My pleasure.

She disappeared.
over a lit candle.
there’s something within you
Well, there are signals, like…
I am.

Santa says
Nozinan is a very powerful drug
I’m not worth it.
Open your eyes again.
for a long time.