Cold Fish


The rain has stopped.
Lie down in the living room.
Let’s make love now.

sensitive amateur…
who loved stars.
and black sand.

It’s a terrible loss.
hurting himself.
Let her go.

cry behind your back.
Apologize to my dead mum.
Again and don’t stutter!

the winter night sky.
his body right now.
He’s getting hard.

a chunk of rock.
bound with rubber bands.
Bite size.

It’s payback for your childhood.
human invisible.

He locked himself in here.
Like a blooming flower.
Next, the bones.

The old scar is still here.
stomachs burst.
without warning.

Wrap up the body.
and answer me.
Hit me more.

Don’t make promises you won’t keep.
Their tail fins are venomous.
Life is…

This is something.
I love everybody.
I don’t know how to thank

No planet is smooth and nice.
We usually depart one day,

We have a full-page color ad
They’re hard to tell apart

Your presence relaxed me.
It’s so beautiful and twinkly…
missing person.

She is a screamer too.
Get undressed.
Go inside.

You’re too old for make believe.
It’s the story of your sad life.
Fold it this way.

and drink this.
It hurts…





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