Midwinter Night’s Dream


The flowers are falling.
We’ve shared chambers.
Of whole sentences.
I fell in love.

Cut the cake.
That fairies stole
I’m going to give you a stone
something wonderful
often repeats

Cross yourself.
Give me your little hand.
The flowers.
Little scissors. scissors.
When she gets frightened.

“M“ for meadow.
Farewell. Sweet playfellow.
The house was burned down.
Start to panic from the fear
You remember…

Snow whispers on the window.
The more I love.
It haunts me.
Many of them can’t speak.
and be normal.

And in the wood.
Shoes are creaking.
Our nuptial hour draws on space.
Of course I’m not the best.
May I marry thee.

Ten years in prison.
That’s the repetition of words.
I am sorry.
from the table onto the floor.

I’m going to cry.
Here with her. Alone.
Come on. Slowly. Slowly.
and you just need someone
Nice… and ribbon.


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