The Only Son


The skylarks are singing
Here you are.

the kindness of others
from morning to night.

The evening primroses
are all concrete now.

to have you for a son.
It’s the best souvenir

It was all he ever talked about.

so much garbage to burn.

We thought of lots of names
in the spring.

I feel bad seeing her

A little weak.
Knowing how you suffered

By the way,
Forgive our meager hospitality.

Well, I’m speechless.
so loud and clear.

this isn’t the life
wasn’t worth all your hardship.

Here’s a pillow for you.
to stop babies from crying at night.

and he wound up

truly wonderful.

so much money.
I can’t say I’m happy

The big paper lanterns
with big dreams,

Come in.
Gives me a lot of grief.

It’s time he found a bride.
must have been exhausting.

and Eitai Bridge.
Don’t jump to conclusions.

I hear your mother’s visiting.
Allow me.

I wouldn’t have felt
I thought you

your life’s just beginning.
But things turn out

Little one,
You’re all I have now,


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