There Was a Father


Eight miles of boulders
But aren’t you lonely
this much every night,

I last saw you
Wrap something
a sorrow beyond tears.

I’ve been coming a lot
tissue paper,
I’m in a little pain.

the birth of his baby boy
I couldn’t drink
the profound beauty

if you have a child.
something’s wrong
in full bloom along the river.

It’s unbecoming for a man to cry.
and succeed
traveling the land

I feel wonderful.
a child you’ve raised for so long.
Out catching dragonflies

Your father died with dignity.
Be frugal.
It’s unbearable, suddenly losing

I’m sure he misses you.
even in warm weather.
The solid is a yellow color.

Life’s so unpredictable.
I’ve been meaning to tell you.
to let me stay.

English is a pain.
Is soft with moss
It’s unendurable,

and single life is hard
You made the same mistake.
The steepest cliffs.

to drink your mother’s milk.
as soon as possible.
That’s my wish.

We’ve been apart
I still see you all
on the Sea of Japan.

is inscribed in a circle,
of shoe polish.

Ethics, arithmetic, history,
This is cold medicine.
for personal feelings.

valleys choked with mist
Is dark even during the day
I have a son.

Just one.
his mother a souvenir.
I did the very best I could.


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