Arabian Nights


Fidelity is splendid, but
see me?

To port there is a shadow
Son, it is I, your father

I’m glad I was shipwrecked and
Do what you like to me,

Peeled sweet pomegranate
Perfumed meadow grass

I love her without seeing her.
won’t go unpunished

and makes love to me
Then have a marble tombstone carved,

ensure your ink flows
To serve God

What did you do to break her heart?
against the rocks below

Lie on the bed
ardent tears have fallen

I know science and literature
Two twigs of myrtle

But dirty from their journey
the melon to the plum

Look at the ceiling
Such was my grief

our lives, nothing more
But when a dove was caught

Pull your trousers down
Give me all of yourself

She left some words for you
punish you

Love drives you wild.
dressed in black

different drugs
the arms of your beloved?

but in many dreams
they make you swallow bitter pills

a blue-eyed man
amber, musk and candlewax

I hope to die
Neither of us has won.

I sentence this blue-eyed man to be
of the monastery

Honey cake
was caught by a bird of prey

tell the whole story
While my soul remains in this

and his beauty enchants me
On the terrace, alone and crying

As the poet said:
the plain love the beautiful

a blue-eyed man
Your candle is soft. It rises when

The coin is her right eye,
She will come at dawn

for the tenderness of this cheek,
of youth

my heart is torn between
the words I have recited

My story is long
it’s more than it’s worth


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