Obsession (1943)


You kept your promise,
We were all together,
of being married.
I go to bed
about you.

This time, one year ago…
you looked,
But you must love me
You seem afraid
Death by accident,
for us.

Some things I keep inside.
It’s not just having the baby,
The sea breeze will clear your mind
without realizing
You’ll go boasting
the money is yours too.

I don’t even know myself.
to be alone anymore.
a life insurance policy.
I have worries, all right.
When I think back to the days
says she was holding onto

a big belly.
Made of steel and horn.
You ought to thank God
keeping guard
soon you’ll be free again.

You’re all wet.
something needs to happen
It’ll break overnight.
When I opened my eyes
things I couldn’t even repeat.
Let’s write it that way.

Maybe you don’t love me anymore.
I keep hearing it.
I’m on tour. I’m a dancer.
Give me my ball of wool.
We love each other.
away from here.

It’s waterproof.
The fumes make me sick.
She jumped
This is where I will sing.
by the stove.
In your pockets

Then it’s impossible for tonight.
take off your shirt?
Now I’m bound to her forever.
It will not abandon
but I can’t continue.
for something.

In here is everything
It was such a terrible tragedy.
someone invited you.
asking questions.
Half saints, half crooks.
I saw a lot of blood.

but it’s worse than before.
anything anymore.
I was letting people ask me out.
to make distinctions.
I’m going to sing.
Listen to me.

I’m asking
to forget her first.
to ruin your sheets.
To live like this… dirty, fake.
Each time he touches me
They will put it in the paper.

Perhaps he was pinned down between
very much.
hurting yourselves.
the world looked immense.
alone with you.
I can’t breathe.

You made up your mind a little late.
Balloons. Balloons
Ice cream.
This is life, finally.
The Best Voice Contest.
in front of strangers.


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