Alice in the Cities


Do you have a girlfriend?
old houses are being torn down.
Yes, I have.
for that honorable task.

to fill up the tank.
to take the girl
proof you still exist.
I’d watch that barbarous television.

I’ll read you a story.
About images and signs.
I remembered
for a long time now.

Do you leave a light on
for two years.
somewhere else.
the child there yourself.

and that I’ve got nothing
all sense of your own self.
until they reached the sea.
It all looks the same.

The blonde girl is wearing
I couldn’t close my eyes.
in the long run, my dear.

You could be mute for all I care.
Like house graves.
listening to that vulgar radio,
is a bunch of pictures.

And then I remembered,
Your stories and your experiences
He wants …

cry all night,
is about things you can see.
because little pieces of coal
You were simply gone.

No image leaves you in peace.
a rustling in the bushes,
is a bit lower.
These old buildings

Taking pictures
more evidence that it was you
You’re only scribbling away
from last year.

I was often filled
… I photographed
And at the sea
I’m afraid of fear.

if he doesn’t want to lose you.
Waiting for the image to develop,
Above all,
I can’t sleep with you

flight controllers’ strike.
he remembered his mother.
There were trees.
with a strange unease.


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