Screen shot 2018-06-22 at 18.55.36

I am a priest.
a bright light.
swept by the wind

I’ve chased after illusions
and this and this.
those awful things.

What beauty.
I’ll go alone.
Thank you, Jesus,

This is our bedroom.
It rotted away.
Cuckold – Cuckold.

the proverb goes.
My husband nailed the door shut.
to make the waiting easier.

elevated matrimony
from the lighthouse.
and holy images in his hands,

this desolation, that terror.
My suitcases.
tumbling down to the sea.

There’s nothing to explain.
a little robbery.
This matrimony

Remember when
I was a prisoner too,
with the sewing machine

I want to sew my new dress.
in confession or through prayer.
Help me.

Be sure to write.
in that desolate cemetery
The sea.

Everyone around here leaves.
scratches, and splice marks.
A few stitches here too.

There’s no one here.
I don’t want to die here.
Next to nothing.

Say something.
like a child,
One word is enough

Even the earth is hard.
Drink it.

They set everything on fire,
You must try to find
if you exist…

Are you crying?

He made a terrible scene.
Oh, Jesus and Mary.
Why did you kiss


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