Grass Labyrinth


Your mother is near you.
crossing oceans
With a red ribbon in her hair,
and hangs a woman’s soul
one, two, three years
In any case, like a bird in a cage.
moonlit evening,
She committed suicide

her husband raped.
destined to marry.
Leaving your body behind,
In her hand mirror,
She sent me a lot of love poems.
closes the door
She is a nymphomaniac,
One a lacquered box,

Peonies, lilies, poppies.
you disappear right in front of me.
Darkness fell in front of
Well, I’m at a loss.
Please sing.
nothing new in the world.

Please, please remember.
You will remain my son forever.
the graveyard.
besides me.
for over a month.
those songs.
Her dead body was swept
and runs away from her.

floats something round.
After that, just the melody.
It’s that song.
While waiting for the man,
Searching for
That’s all I remember.
I have no mother.
upon the shore.


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