You will remember.
…the delights of uncertainty.
This phony medication
gentler one upon my lips…
I’ve got spots in my eyes.
Our days are numbered.
What you call compassion.
That’s plate glass.

Mother, forgive me.
Magic. Dreams. That is what I had before.
I have cancer.
…millions upon millions of cells
Disintegrated in an instant.
the secrets of our hearts.
They amplify the spectral range.
It’s like living in a goddamn

I am looking at the stars.
Reassembling myself
Thermal imaging
without complaint or regret.
…like oxygen turning into gold.
Mattress flipped. Probably robbery.
Life seems harsh and cruel.
…flowing and shifting around the pole

A secret place that nobody knows about.
died that night with that little girl.
Our satellites have done
A pretty butterfly.
You’ll dismantle
Suicide pill.
Well, “free” is just another word

The streets are extended gutters…
the territorial waters
A miracle.
You can understand.
Fate didn’t butcher her
Arrest me.
I know what you need.
to have a change of heart.


Cosy Dens


down my blouse
I let these vipers into my heart.
It was Christmas

A lot of teaspoons
Basically since childhood.
disappeared overnight
It happened a long time ago.
It hurts.

They were kissing, kissing
They… name… bullets…
They’re round like flowers,
I’m making fiction, some kind
like a real soldier.

I was hopelessly in love
Heaven on earth exists you see
during their wedding night.
the most happiness
through the skin and pores.

Everything is new.
Perhaps we’re holding you
the same wrapping paper.
running inside me.

The bodies are touching…
so I wanted to say good bye.
I’ve always wanted a son.
at the table all year around,
Under water. You can’t breathe

Back then.
one very unpleasant thing.
Jesus Christ was born…
As a boy I could stay under
to the sea of death to drown

I’m praying on my knees.
with the offer of quality sex.
It’s a toy that makes boys
a heart condition.
from the resistance movement.


The Assault


The glittering of chandeliers…
All those little lights at night.
he kicked them all to death.
and it blew out the entire story.

house would be destroyed.
Your child, for example.

House up in flames,
It’s like a reunion.
in long dresses with sparkling jewels…
on his conscience.

She said she loved someone.
Something from the war.
died a thousand deaths…

I will kill myself.
and shine in the light
in the words that he had written down
again as wonderful as it was before.

I was twelve.
Like an autumn leaf blown off, a shred
A seaman.
I recognized you instantly.

an anatomical institute.
of desperation flutters inside of him.
gazing masses. Beautiful.
Daddy, are you still here?

All of a sudden I remember something
the other side of the world.
Friendship never dies,
I wish I did.

You were inside of him.
like a loving couple.
death of just one child.
would be unlimited.

One last thing.
come sink into the dark
feel love for her.
the body in front of your door…


El Topo


My son wishes
Don’t get near him.
It’s strange.

The desert is a circle.
and your mother’s picture.
You don’t love. You destroy,

Oh, my God, I cry in the daytime,
I’ve looked after you
I have been spilt like water,

The Lord’s will is unexplainable.
It destroys the precise.
As always,

Your pain must be unbearable.
With my soul,
under the earth,

and my bones have been dislocated.
since I was a child.

You are a man.
But pity the lonely one,
I now make delicate things.

for days, months, years.
through the empty spots of my flesh.

I bleed little now.
He’s greater than I am.
longs for the running streams,

Kiss them on the mouth.
I do it in order to vanish.
We’ve been prisoners

Her immense love fills me.
It’s bitter.
Death is our bet.

I need no light. I am blind.
There’s nobody, but you.