Red Beard


February 11… when I woke up
And lots of pretty birds
in our rooms.
my notes and drawings.
were in ruins.
It seemed like a dream.

He trembled when he spoke:
But I believed in her then,
Then the earthquake came.
the nuptial cups.
Growing pains, you might say.
Sleep. Sleep some more.

half dreaming,
Her feelings will include others
With this…
misfortune behind his silence.
The pain and loneliness of death
hard to pronounce…

I felt a stab of pain,
A high fever.
The female eats the male
like a knife entering my heart.
Lie quietly.

I heard she never left you
Flowers bloom all the time.
He threw up the poison.
I’m conceited and insincere.
But when I die,
A real father

Just your tongue, then.
Pain only comes
as well as their bodies.
It smells like rotten fruit.
Please hold me.
while they sew her up.

A doctor and nurse making love,
It’s the smell of the poor.
Remember it.
she’d died long ago.
Same old tattered kimono.
if he lasts till dawn.


A Man and a Woman


What about small fires?
On a burning plane?
They left each other
that melody is called ‘Love’.

driving a Mustang and about to leave.
is the man you love.
to make love to you.
through your whole body.

Well, Giacometti once said:
When a woman sends you
we say it`s like a film.
You feel ashamed.

A wonderful woman.
stalked the corridors of the hospital.
Then she said:
My complete love

So it`s going to be a rainy Sunday,
that she has taken her own life.
and listen to some light music.
Once upon a time….

with wet roads everywhere.
She wired, ‘I love you’.
and she suffered a nervous breakdown.
It happens all the time.

the roads into ice rinks.
Nothing serious, but keep her warm.
Between art and life,
This paper never tells lies.

Some Sundays start well and end badly.
l`d love to meet your husband.
If Ascari saw a black cat on the track
A man and a woman were killed

l cannot talk seriously
has had a smashup.
Millions of viewers…
Then something awful happened.

weather conditions.
for the big fires.
The fiendish pace continues with


The Life of Oharu


My pillow is soaked
in the impermanence of earthly life,
sick with worry,
turning it into mere wordplay

Your silence
a single mole on her body
Ever since
if she marries for love

A long neck without wisps of hair
We’ve fallen this far
a top courtesan
at the deutzia blossoms

All is forgiven
No need to undress
never to reveal
in her sleep

Your hair is beautiful
With tears
like young maidens:
Will vanish

We’ve lost her
every glimpse of you
This fleeting world
to share his bed,

If your feelings are genuine,
and worked hard until the stars
is by dusk a heap of bones
passed away

my husband will find out
But my heart is true
with a thief like you

no greater calamity
among the samurai
The flower in her hand
while recuperating

I’ll leave you alone
So full of regrets
with diaphanous nails
in each other’s arms


Me and You


There was some snow,
in fluorescent light.
I was just dreaming about it.
White headlights in the night.
That intimacy…
it’s still flowing,
more cruel and playful…
Love you, bye.

If you need my hand to swim.
to die tonight.
Get me some sleeping pills.
and have no one left.
these frozen waterfalls,
Nothing can hurt you.
Green eyes.
to the hospital for stitches.

It’s like wool,
He shouldn’t have touched
I travelled all clay yesterday,
The nigh! Is a big sea
No, lonely girl, no, no, no.
My bones hurt.
didn’t come.

and the females lose their wings.
entering the wallpaper,
For a change of scenery.
It’s just that I have nowhere
A voice that talks to me,
Yes, the street lamp with arms.
You were gone so long.
After we met, we couldn’t live

and you’ll wake up by the sea.
The light of day, the constant heat
against each other
with you inside.
like crickets or silkworms.
Saved forever.
left on Earth.




Our Father in heaven, please
about my voice
To be honest, I’ve never seen
I’m dreaming of the day I can

mother’s bosom…
shark’s fin soup…
for the family album
The prettiest I’ve ever seen

gone beyond forgiveness
If I were the sky…
resisting all temptation
not sparrows

the meaning of existence
Like the sky tinged red
colored on your cheeks
the dark labyrinth of my past…

under the big tree forever…
dancing with Your Highness
Cutting off the branches
You must have a figure in mind

I’m not here to hurt you
watch over a poor soul..
I’m here to deliver flowers
to look for the bells on their necks

This young soul seeks to be reborn
a hit-and-run case
I want to sleep with you
Honey, they’re asking

and it’s hard for her to speak, too
She gets worse when
by the setting sun…
It just came into my mind…

Try to forget everything and sleep
As I stumbled through
take care of your precious person
Goodbye for now

I know it was only a dream…
He said they were greenfinches,
Start counting
…what a woman means


Ichi, the Killer


Think about your son.
Full of expectations.
He lost some of his memory
Cut pieces off me…
Look at me… Look at me.
and wonder…

No. It gets lonely, you know.
It hurts.
The same as ever.
I want no mercy.
So I started praying.
I fell into complete…
and she said it was heroin.

Yeah. A story about a girl who was raped.
That brings back memories.
I can’t breathe in this mask.
I want to cry, to scream, and struggle.
The worst state anyone can imagine.
Getting juiced up,

I have a taste for sweet things.
It’s broken into pieces.
and ran off with the girl.
and goes on a killing spree.
I just wanted it from anybody.
There’s no love in your violence.
just like us.

No trust, no interest, no sexual desire for me.
It’s me, Long.
Long time, no see.
When you inflict pain,
when he thrashes you.
That’s right, despair.
seeing a girl all marked up like this.

You were weak, and couldn’t help her.
You’ve a cunt and you suck dick,
I prayed for something to happen.
I felt the same tingling
All that time in jail…
I’m sorry, Long. Sorry.
She did leave you for another man,


The Housemaid


I can bear a child.
put sugar in the poison bottle.
all the pears on one of the trees.
A touching scenery.
away from me.

the house was like
Your child inside me
It has become a source of pain.
I’ll take in sewing again
while the paths will glitter with jewels.

Nothing compares with
You can take my body,
It was plain tap water.
A beautiful girl stirs

I can’t lie in bed alone upstairs.
I’m still bleeding.
I have nothing to say.
Let me see your hands.
their own skins.

Their ghosts will haunt us.
A rosy dream can’t bloom in late autumn
The floor will be lined with linoleum.
How could you smash my small happiness?
Press with your fingers.

The flowers will never wither,
It was I who loved you.
Two men eat, one man die.
I’m your mistress now.
like a small boat in a terrible storm.

Look down.
Your baby is dead.
There is sugar in my soup.
My heart has just stopped!

Yes! My body and soul are yours.
Far beyond the autumn sky…
I have no family to save.
My suicide note will say that