The Cry


She can stay.
It’s like something I can’t
During all those years,

What makes all that foam?
Rosina, come.
The dam yielded

if I could live without you.
to bring back her feelings.
The fields!

I do love you still,

He’ll always love you.
Was there ever a moment when…
incapacitate him.

We’ve separated.
I thought she was here.
kid’s sake.

A landscape, the Mona Lisa, a
Something for the bedroom.
The Cry / Outcry

Seven years of crawling, that’s
And less grinding.

my father.
with responsibilities.
Further south.

A postcard came for you.
I can’t understand why things

Dry those tears.
The envelopes.
coming toward me.

I never saw mountains.
Yellow as a lemon.
But look at your dress…

Remember, tomorrow.
You see beautiful places and people.
Let me.



The Wild Child


All these marks are like battle scars.
from the forest
It appears to be the scar of a wound
with the goblets more complex

each arrangement by memory,
Lacerations, abrasions.
Long eyelashes.
made with a sharp instrument.

he would have grasped the use of words,
and a stream of tears falling
That proves his memory can be trained.
He was there.

gazing upon the countryside,
heavy since the day he put on shoes
look up to the highest branches
That’s his sign language.

A rustle in the tree made me
then erased the drawing,
glowing embers with his fingers.

I’m afraid he’ll melt like a piece of sugar.
A letter for you.
Yes, it’s the same.
Water. Water.

Open your mouth.
The wheelbarrow.
of attention and memory
his loss of freedom

It is curious and moving to see the joy
Eyes: Black.
with great expectations.
It’s because of the sun

He piles up the letters
That’s your way of talking.
This is a true story. It begins in a forest
I thought what I’d dreaded

Come to bed, dear.
You’re in tatters, but you’re here.
He is not tongue-tied.
The windows barely seem




My life weighs down on me,
She was
a vulnerable country.
the flowers fell from her breasts.

How come your breasts
their cynical game.
The veil stands for freedom.
What a pretty dress.
…had magically become

He needs open-heart surgery.
more and more.
You’re a big girl.
Not now. Leave me be.
Fear lulls our minds to sleep.

Holidays are crumbs
the most pain.
with its special air.
You’re still nostalgic.
Leave in single file.

I remember…
The boy shot next to us
my center of gravity.
how much in love you were.
His father’s crimes

the age of great ideals was over.
…made us tear up the photos
A woman who shows herself
His heart’s not failing
…and no one got divorced

Life is a void.
My son…
…that breaks your heart.
and diamonds!
Terrible weather.

I swear off love.
My father wondered if he needed
Children always leave.
…and the old internal enemies…
They held us for hours.


It’s Winter


It’s the mark of winter’s slap
Your family and marriage
That stands before your eyes,
Go inside.
it’s all broken.
On the ground.

People worn out, heavyhearted
Doors are closed
The trees,
like a wall
What can you expect

Up north.
In the middle of nowhere.
Hands hidden
The bed in the corner.
I’ve brought you this…
restless life.

The bride should sign here.
and stares at his house.
Is your ship sinking?
and no one is there to see it.
Let him go ahead and die.

Heads ducked into collars
Every morning he goes
Turns into a dark cloud
Breaths are clouds
Stand still.
You never look me up.

I was by your house.
The earth dispirited
because of you.
Why is this in pieces?
Is no daybreak
No strangers.


A Moment of Innocence


How can you fall in love
sword in hand…
May your wishes come true.
or buy bread for the poor.

but the next day and the day after,
for loving other people.
Put your arm

Look at each other.
Go into the frame.
She put flowers inside.
Make sure you keep

I’ve chosen the young me.
with a camera.
it’s because he wants
because, as a boy,

you tried to disarm …
I realized she wished
So I see, but I say again:
The sleeves are threadbare.

Maryam, come inside.
she’s underlined the good bits.
Stand beside each other.
You’re the young me now.

Say something ordinary.
shut away in this house?
I thought she loved me.
was different.

I fell in love with her.
I saw you through the trees…
I’ve been adrift for 20 years.
How long must I be


The Insect Woman


People sell sex
some chemical fertilizer.
meanness and hatred
A doll for the god
Betrayed by all

Drink this birthing potion.
Rain that falls on the parent
It’s super-deluxe.
like ivory or plastic.
My marriage failed.

I have one child.
to hear my prayer
getting such a beauty.
when the bleeding stops.

Scars from the last beating
Writing in her diary.
You could’ve telegrammed
through bitter tears

Confess all your sins
all the thank-you gifts too.
“Father” – it has a nice ring.
Big body, big heart.
from the shrine.

The god of marriage has tied the knot.
Ah, a blackout.
and the baby’s born
repairing the roads.
that I have loved

this bitter life alone
Tell me.
you’re a rising star.
This is like a dream.
We can’t feed

while we abuse our bodies
I wander through
a wife.
Poor little Cathy.
The nightjars will fly off with you


Le Jour Se Lève


You’ve played The Father
A nice brute…
his spell up his sleeve.
You’ve got blue eyes…
I have nightmares.
and the sea…
I’m back like a ghost.
I think about love, too…

He has a way of using his hands…
straightforward and trusting.
one twinkly eye and one sad eye.
A pretty trinket.
continually changing…
The good knight,
clutching his last bullet…
He used gentle methods.
A puff of wind caught it… gone.
Nothing. Hold your tongue.

Children from orphanages
Shooting from the rooftops
Here today, gone tomorrow.
I did spin a yarn the other night.
but that’s what is known as remorse.
I’m sick of men who talk of love.
It’s like sandblasting.
tears in his eyes…
he tickled the wound with his whip.

I’m on my own now.
I dream you’re not there
and only us two left alive.
We’d pick lilac at Easter.
and there are flowers even in winter.
That’s the whole secret.
It’s an airy fairy dream…
Sailing dates…
and casinos all around.
People in love are said



Last Year at Marienbad


You did not move.
you couldn’t decide to leave him,
Where have you gone?
In your dreams?

Silent rooms,
His grey eyes.
sand and gravel
a snow scene, I think.

A reassuringly tidy garden
and outmoded pictures.
Your body a sea of feathers.
that belongs to the past.

Fingers that never entwine,
filled with emptiness,
I need you alive.
Your eyes open even wider.

You were sitting
in a vacuum,
along these corridors
It was almost summer.

we found ourselves separated.
of course.
Her hand’s caressing his lips.
A falling glass,

rooms heavily laden
with its branches and garlands
impossible to lose your way.
into a marble past.

your arm half outstretched.
While she points to the sea
I forgot what we said next.
This story is already over.

You’re feeling faint.
pictures and darkness,
You were alive.
in the labyrinth around me.

Like coffins buried side by side
something breathtaking.
False exits.
without trees or flowers,

A lost letter.
is absorbed by carpets
forever indifferent faces.
And still more beyond.

I photographed you.
There was something in your eyes.
Silent rooms where the sound

Even, smooth, glazed walls.
It’s last year’s voice I hear.
in a frozen garden.

His grey shape.
a glass partition.
in any bedroom with you.
and wearing this ring.

Our mouths forever apart.
As the compass said to the ship
a white dressing gown.
An outstretched forefinger

Nothing. I’m still the same.
A landscape,
your features,
some way away,

Your eyes had become solemn
like classical foliage.
long since dead
over the mantelpiece.

Where are you, my lost love?
parting with yourself.
by carpets so heavy, so thick,
over the chest.


Trans Europ Express


Take your dress off.
It’s a strange place.
Something exciting, with fights,
There is a mark inside.

Get on the bed.
glazed with powdered diamonds.
I’m an assassin.
by rubbing together

There are four kinds of diamonds:
violence, rape, you know.

I’m not interested in those tales.
from a blind man.
resuming his surveillance.
Cutting, shaping and polishing.

Open your purse.
To his great surprise, nothing happens.
A diamond is created

Why aren’t you in a window?
Nobody will find you here.
from the moving train
armed to the teeth.

he heard the crucial words:
Take it out.
Wait and see.
Stay like this.

I was watching from the window.
and your return trip.
with someone else.


Horse Money


A swallow flew by and I looked up.
and then set the house on fire.
my wedding ring.
was dissolved
Your fingers are so thin, so long…
Bought a wedding dress
on great black wings…

Then I lowered my face…
Over twenty years.
It was a warm Sunday.
River runs deep
By the fire she lit
but I don’t feel you at peace.
But your night does.

Our sufferings
Our head and lungs
marched all night, our eyes closed.
We’ll leave this world together
My whole body.
93 stitches.

Where’s your wedding ring?
My conscience
The vultures tore him to pieces.
all alone.
In matters of the flesh I am of no help.
Can you describe
with your knife…

I went to the hospital in pain.
Son of the Holy Mary,
You’ve broken your body,
This is the story of the young life
Marital status:
Razor in your back pocket.

A letter from your husband.
the red shirt I gave him
his guts…
Down in the pit
with money and machines.
spread out on the floor…