The Cry


She can stay.
It’s like something I can’t
During all those years,

What makes all that foam?
Rosina, come.
The dam yielded

if I could live without you.
to bring back her feelings.
The fields!

I do love you still,

He’ll always love you.
Was there ever a moment when…
incapacitate him.

We’ve separated.
I thought she was here.
kid’s sake.

A landscape, the Mona Lisa, a
Something for the bedroom.
The Cry / Outcry

Seven years of crawling, that’s
And less grinding.

my father.
with responsibilities.
Further south.

A postcard came for you.
I can’t understand why things

Dry those tears.
The envelopes.
coming toward me.

I never saw mountains.
Yellow as a lemon.
But look at your dress…

Remember, tomorrow.
You see beautiful places and people.
Let me.



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